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Source Citizens is a community for peer learning groups.  We're people who take control of our education, and make it more social, supportive, and relevant for everyone.

We create little clubs with friends that open our eyes in new ways, start support groups among entrepreneurs, improve our university education with unofficial student projects, and hack conferences to make the best connections.  Some of us start online groups, some run in-person events - but most of us just learn with friends or workmates.

We need you to join us.

What do you get by being a Source Citizen?

If you use peer learning in any way, we want you to join us so we can all share tools, practices and inspiration.  Just fill out this 10-second form:

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We'll start by getting to know you over email, and then trade notes over group Skype chats and our forum. If we hit our target of 100 people, we'll also organise get-togethers and mountain retreats.  If you know anyone who tries peer learning in any way, we'd love it if you invited them.

We also have some cool tools to share, like fun games for getting to know people deeply, and stuff like a t-shirt for finding your peers at conferences.  For those who get more advanced, we have facilitation tips and tools (like this timer) - and techniques that make larger events and programs skyrocket in satisfaction (90%+ Promoters typically.)

Peer-finding T-Shirt: 1. Fill in the blanks. 2. Go to a conference. 3. Like-minded people will see it and talk to you. 4. Tell everyone a time/spot to meet together.

Source Institute

At Source, we've used peer learning to help create the Lean Startup methodology, to start Europe's first accelerators, to redesign top-tier MBA programs, and to build Africa's largest tech entrepreneurship course.  We want to share that with you - to put those same tools in your hands, and share your experience with everyone so we all learn.

Can we get 100 peer learners together?

Our goal is to sign up 100 Citizens, and then - honestly - just ask you what you want to do with learning, and support it.

That's it for now.  To sign up, just fill out this quick form, and let's see what we can do together!

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