Get 8 one-minute lessons over the next 3 weeks.

Peer Learning is about how to make education responsive to a fast-changing world.   Each lesson is practical, gets you thinking, and points you to more examples and advice if you need it.

Lesson Plan

  1. Why peer learning matters
  2. What makes peer learning work?
  3. Best practices vs good advice
  4. Evaluating your learning environment
  5. Practical starting points
  6. Community development and empowering people
  7. Education that works for both learners and institutional goals
  8. Roles and skills


  • Links to a dozen learning environments described in detail.
  • Covering 4 continents and multiple industries & crafts, ranging from oil refining, to physics, startup accelerators, maker culture, agriculture, to the art world.
  • 18 years of our professional experience in designing, and delivering global and region-leading peer learning programs.
  • Written for educators, program managers, and people who want to improve their own education experiences.