Timer app for facilitators

When we're facilitating at Source, we use timers a lot. As Bart says, "Timer's are a lovable drill sergeant." But most timers don't feel calm, and are clunky to handle when you're running a room.

So over one weekend, I finally got around to making one: sourcetimer.com!

While I want to timebox activities, I don't want people to feel stressed every second. So when the clock is counting down, it feels more "flowy" than "ticky."

It has a few handy keyboard shortcuts , for quickly adding more time, restarting, pausing/unpausing, and going into fullscreen mode. When you need an extra boost of encouragement, press M for Matthew McConaughey mode.  

My favourite facilitator feature is that you can "chain" multiple timers together, and give them labels, so you can setup something like:

  • Get into pairs (2 minutes)
  • Pick a topic (1 minute)
  • Discuss (5 minutes)

This can be "saved" into your presentation as a link, ready to be loaded up at the click of a button.  For example, the above timer will be started automatically at: sourcetimer.com/2:00(Get into pairs)/1:00(Pick a topic)/5:00(Discuss)

Please try it.  It's a new project, so please, take a minute to send me your thoughts and feedback!

Educators need all the support they can get. A timer is a great thing, yet to make education relevant, we'll need more.