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Exploring how peer learning helps in our fast-changing world.
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open interviewWhat is Peer Learning?
What makes peer learning actually work? A look at agency, responsiveness, and connectivity with in-depth examples.

arc modelEvaluating Learning Environments
The ARC Framework for evaluating programs and forms of education.

auditorium seatingPractical starting points
Practical advice and examples for encouraging self-direction, adapting to needs, and building world-class networks.

How do values shift as communities evolve? How to find a competitive advantage with local ingredients.

sticky note discussionDisciplines & skills
Curation, Facilitation, Convening are the new roles of educators.

Designing learning environments
A design process that focuses on coherence between learner and institutional goals.

Salim Virani

Out of university, Salim founded companies in SaaS, e-commerce and an IT outsourcing, one of which almost bankrupted him. Then he moved to London, which almost bankrupted him again.

From there, he started a 30-city community that shaped the Lean Startup methodology, and created entrepreneurship programs top-tier institutions like Oxford, UCL, Seedcamp, Techstars and Microsoft. To focus on peer learning, he started Source Institute, creating a global pinnacle program in international development, and Africa's largest online entrepreneurship course.

Salim is the author of Mentor Impact and Decision Hacks.

Bart Doorneweert

Fortune & failure have made Bart an entrepreneur, a scholar and a practitioner.

An agricultural engineer by training, Bart has started a cotton co-op in India, researched technology adoption with East African farmers, and developed Open Innovation and partnership design tools used worldwide. Bart teaches entrepreneurship at the University Of Wageningen, the world's leader in agriculture technology.

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