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Bart Doorneweert

Fortune & failure have made Bart an entrepreneur, a scholar and a practitioner.

An agricultural engineer by training, Bart has started a cotton co-op in India, researched technology adoption with East African farmers, and developed Open Innovation and partnership design tools used worldwide. Bart teaches entrepreneurship at the University Of Wageningen, the world's leader in agriculture technology.

Salim Virani

Salim is an entrepreneur that fell into education. He founded Leancamp, a community which created the first evolutions of the Lean Startup methodology, and Founder Centric, which developed startup education for UCL, Oxford, Seedcamp, Techstars, Unilever, Microsoft, and other top-tier programs. At Source Institute, he created Africa's largest online entrpreneurship course and developed several pinnacle programs in international economic development.

In ancient history, after leaving his job as Digital Director for a major marketing agency, Salim founded 3 technology companies in SaaS, e-commerce and IT outsourcing.